Tanisha Goveas

  Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai; 83907 13609; yyellowwbrickroad@gmail.com

MA in Psychology

Linkages with queer and trans affirmative therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, job agencies and lawyers

Fri, Sat, Sun; 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

Phone, Skype / video conference / other chat

Rs.1500/- per session

Concession of up to Rs.900/- can be considered

  • Confusion, dysphoria, anxiety, depression around gender, sexuality, HIV status
  • Disclosure around gender and sexuality
  • Family acceptance around gender and sexuality
  • Gender transition psychosocial issues
  • Gender, sexuality and ageing
  • Gender, sexuality and disabilities
  • HIV disclosure, marriage / relationships, succession planning
  • Marital / relationship issues
  • Mental health and reproductive health
  • Other mental health services
  • Sexual assault / sexual abuse - emotional impact
  • Stigma, discrimination, violence around gender-sexuality in education, employment, public services
  • Stigma, discrimination, violence around HIV or disability in education, employment, public services

Other services provided:

Counselling on addiction and body image issues
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