Joseph Lalnunmawia

  Aizawl, Mizoram

1st Floor, Dr. Lalsangluaia Building, Dawrpui West, Aizawl, Pin 796 001; 919774 492836;

Graduate, trained in counselling on STI/HIV issues

Lone Star Society, Aizawl

Yes, with health care providers and paralegal workers in Mizoram

Flexible (by appointment)

Face-to-face, home visits, phone, email, Skype / video conference / other chat

No charge

  • Advice or information on legal rights of queer people
  • Confusion, dysphoria, anxiety, depression around gender, sexuality, HIV status
  • Disclosure around gender and sexuality
  • Family acceptance around gender and sexuality
  • HIV disclosure, marriage / relationships, succession planning
  • Stigma, discrimination, violence around gender-sexuality in education, employment, public services
  • Stigma, discrimination, violence around HIV or disability in education, employment, public services
  • Family planning, safer child birth, abortion
  • HIV - counselling and testing
  • HIV - prevention of parent to child transmission
  • HIV - prevention, care, support, treatment
  • RTI / STI - testing and treatment
  • Sexual dysfunction and injuries
  • Sexual health and disability
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