Born2win Social Welfare Trust

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men, Sex workers, Trans feminine persons / transgender women, Trans masculine persons / transgender men, Young people (children, adolescents, youth)

Services offered:

  • COVID-19 prevention material (masks, sanitizers, etc)
  • COVID-19 vaccination support for transgender persons
  • Food security support - community kitchen (cooked food provision)
  • Food security support - dry rations
  • Health services - mental health counselling
  • Health services support - gender affirmative care for transgender persons
  • Health services support - general health issues
  • Legal aid services - dealing with any form of discrimination or violence
  • Legal aid services - gender identity documentation for transgender persons
  • Social security support - donation of clothing items
  • Social security support - livelihood assistance
  • Social security support - social welfare schemes
  • Social security support - temporary shelter or housing
  • Support for accessing smart phones for online education
  • Support for mobile phone recharges

Contact: Swetha Sudhakar C., Founder-Director, CEO

Address: 16/1 Ground Floor, Venkatesvara Apartment, Tank Square Street, Saidapet, Chennai

Phone: 99418 87862, 98401 49482


Nature of organization: Queer (LGBTIQA+) community-based organization

Other information: Among young people, Born2win Social Welfare Trust works particularly with children adopted by transgender persons and children of single mothers. The organization also serves senior citizens.

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