Queer friendly COVID-19 services

Welcome to our online searchable database on queer friendly COVID-19 services in India!

Locate community groups and other agencies providing COVID-19 services to queer people by location, section of community, and nature of services needed.

For best results:

  • Select the state or Union Territory relevant for your location, and then the city / town / village
  • Choose the section of community (example, transgender women, transgender men, lesbians and bisexual women, gay and bisexual men, intersex persons and so on)
  • Finally choose the specific nature of services needed

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his graphic consists of the logos of Grindr for Equality, SAATHII and Varta Trust placed horizontally one after the other in the order mentioned. These three agencies are collaborating partners for the queer friendly online searchable database described on this page.

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Do you have any feedback on the user-friendliness of the database and the quality of service providers listed?

Would you like to give us information about service providers not included in the database? We will include them after the due validation process.

Please send all your feedback and suggestions to vartablog@gmail.com.

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